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A Quick Review Of Ol Tram Brand Of Tramadol 100mg, Used For Pain Treatment

The number of Americans being treated for chronic pain has continued to rise year after year for a variety of reasons. The US has been involved in two foreign wars for decades and many millions of servicemen have served tours in those two countries. They have been exposed to bombs, bullets, accidents, and many other hazards resulting in disabilities requiring constant pain relief. In addition to that, our aging workforce has also been exposed to decades of repetitive motion afflictions where people have done the same exact job for many years. These people have chronic pain in their joints, backs, and necks that need continuous medication. One of the more prominent drugs that has been used to treat pain is Tramadol, the generic form of Ol-Tram, a popular brand name of the same drug. Here are some of the benefits, and precautions you should consider when taking the drug. If you want to buy Ol Tram 50 mg click here


Tramadol Is A Synthetic Opioid Used For Pain

Originally manufactured in Germany in the mid 1970’s, under the brand name Tramal, it became available worldwide about 20 years later under several other brand names. It is mostly prescribed by doctors to treat pain that is mild to severe, meaning it has a very wide range of usage. It can also be used for acute pain of short duration and chronic pain, which is defined as lasting longer than three weeks in most cases.

Under normal conditions Ol Tram brand Tramadol 100 mg can be expected to take effect in about one hour, and then have a peak effect in about 4 hours from the time of administration. However, the amount of food eaten prior to ingestion can delay the effects for up to 30 to 60 minutes. For doctors comparing the drug to morphine, it is usually considered to be approximately one-tenth as strong.

When compared to codeine or pethidine, two other potent opioids, they are considered to be approximately equal in potency. When looking at the degree of pain, those experiencing moderate pain will feel that Ol Tram brand Tramadol 100 mg is about equal to morphine, but during severe pain, morphine is much stronger. The effects last about 6 hours from the time of oral administration.

Ol Tram Brand Tramadol 100 mg Is Made By HAB Pharmaceuticals

The manufacturer of Ol Tram branded Tramadol is HAB Pharmaceuticals and Research Ltd. in India. They manufacture millions of medicines annually and ship them worldwide to nearly every country. There are also hundreds of distributors online that perform retail selling and shipping of the HAB medicines. In reading the online reviews, most of the users of medications made by HAB are very satisfied with the product, the strength, and the efficacy as well.

When buying products direct from the manufacturer you will usually get the best value for your money. HAB Pharmaceuticals has a worldwide network of sales offices and regional distribution centers to ensure quick delivery in excellent condition. By having the regional centers, HAB has maintained a reliable system of distribution so that medications are always in supply and close to their destinations for faster service.

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